The do’s and don’ts of your first yoga class

dos and don’ts of yoga

The do’s and don’ts of your first yoga class

Enrolling in yoga and starting with it is a new experience and an altogether new environment is waiting for you where you will be performing new things so if you are too new in your class you can try these dos and don’ts of yoga.

dos and don’ts of yoga

Remember being Comfortable always no matter what

You keep on hearing from everyone that yoga is for peace and relaxation so being comfortable is a thumb rule. If you are comfortable with something only then ask the instructor to move forward with you. Attain pleasure in doing it not a stressful physical rat race; don’t push yourself in a hurry. Observe your level of limits and don’t hesitate to share with your instructor.

Do not compare yourself with others.

We all are different in our capabilities and abilities, as likely said no 2 fingers are similar so comparing yourself with others is not a good idea. So if you are not able to do that pose in the manner your yoga partner is doing it or your instructor wants it to take a breath and relax and give yourself some time, you will gain perfection with time. Do yoga workout with ease of enjoyment and no comparison with others. Do yoga in most playful manner.

Do not restrict yourself to physical aspect only

You may have to practice the core movement of yoga like asana pranayama relaxation of mind body and soul through meditation mantras and chanting as well as physical exercise. Discussions on the energy points of the body like chakras are also done. you will be provided with the holistic practical practices that will impact your spiritual plane. You may be taught how to overcome emotional outburst control your negative energy and discharge of positive energy .most importantly you will have self-evaluation of your illnesses and pain and practices.

Wear conformable clothes and have the finest yoga mat

Sometimes it happens that your tights are not letting you do the exercise and shifting your focus. Always wear a comfortable pair of yoga pants that are of breathable cloth material and are not itchy on skin avoid wearing excessively skinny and see-through material that can make you uncomfortable in the class. Same goes for the yoga mat which is also very essential as a bad slippery yoga mat can cause imbalance while practising resulting in injuries.

Other yoga class dos and don’ts can also be taken care of like being on time, keep your phones in a locker, and do not eat 1 or 2 hours before class to make your class more fruitful. Yoga is not that difficult or don’t have any more of a specific set of rules. It is a simple art and a way of life that only have advantages for our body, mind and soul. These are only the most basic points that must be kept in mind including not to push your limits. They will simply adopt your mind without you forcing it.