What is the Difference between a Yoga Holiday and a Yoga Retreat?

Yoga Retreat and Yoga Holiday

Yoga is a very beneficial exercise that helps us to stay fit, active and motivated all day. It reduces all the stress and tension from our body. If you are thinking to go on a yoga break, you will have two great options: Yoga Retreat and Yoga Holiday. In order to choose the right option that can meet your requirements well, you will need to focus on some important factors.

So, here are three factors that differentiate a Yoga retreat from a holiday for Yoga:

Yoga Retreat and Yoga Holiday

  • Planning schedule

When you choose a Yoga Retreat, you will have a strict and disciplined schedule in which you will only concentrate on doing yoga and get no time for other activities. The schedule begins with meditation in the dawn and then followed by Yoga classes. After that, the morning session ends with another meditation session which includes gentle breathing and relaxing periods.

Moreover, there will be an educational meeting during the day which will be followed by chanting or singing peaceful songs. This type of Yoga plan is very beneficial who wants to experience a full Yoga ashram and attend every activity related to it. Most people prefer to get a Yoga retreat in Rishikesh as it is a great location to meditate and attend some peaceful ventures. The main objective of Yoga retreat is to reveal the true meaning of Yoga and why it I necessary for in our daily life.

On another hand, Yoga holiday is a complete package for doing various activities like travelling and visiting new places while doing Yoga every morning. The day will start a Yoga class in the morning and end with another session in the evening. However, you have the whole day to do other activities like going on beaches or experiencing trip adventurers. Basically, you will enjoy your holiday while staying fit with Yoga sessions every day.

  • Place

For Yoga retreat, the place is usually surrounded by greenery, peaceful and far away from central town. As the idea is to completely indulge in the environment of meditation and Yoga, it is necessary to reside in a quiet place. That is why most of the Yoga ashrams are located in places where you will find beautiful gardens and peaceful environment. There will be no rush or external stressful stimulation in the environment.

However, location for Yoga holiday generally depends on the interest of the person. They can choose any destination according to their requirement. If they want to go to the high mountains, then they can book a package in which Yoga sessions should be included along with other activities like trekking, climbing and camping. Implement your yoga plan well and you will experience great joy along with travelling.

  • Diets

In both the situations, Yoga sessions in morning and evening are mostly common and after the exercise, it is important to eat protein and other vital nutritious food. In Yoga retreat, you will only get to eat vegetarian items like fruits, cereals, vegetables, etc while in Yoga holiday you will have several options. No matter how tasty and delicious dishes you eat, make sure you are eating healthy so that your fitness will remain consistent.

The key difference between a Yoga holiday and a Yoga retreat is that they both have different purposes. And these purposes are categorized in the above factors. Therefore, it will be easy for individuals to choose which one they want to experience more and how they can do it.