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How To Choose The Right Clothes For Yoga Practice

yoga clothes

Yoga clothes are selected by taking their own time because a practitioner can focus on the asana instead of fixing their clothes every now and then. The yoga wear is not something that you need to specifically watch out for but they are something that will simply come to you or in which you are comfortable. However, with the increase in trend, the lifestyle of yoga is also changing and so are the clothes.

The need to trying out on different types of clothes is to see in which you are comfortable. After all, a yoga pant with a deep-neckline …

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Importance of Yoga in Health and Fitness

yoga ttc in Rishikesh

Yoga dating back to the Vedic period has numerous health benefits and has co-related scientific back up of physiological and anatomical studies. Yoga is no doubt a traditional science that was invented and practiced years back but not to forget it is at par with the modern scientific developments also. It is based on the values of what is health in totality. The practice of yoga meditation, pranayama, along with diet, and asana can be developed easily.

yoga ttc in Rishikesh

Yoga health benefits

We all get our mouth drooling whenever we see that oil dripping fritters and cheese loaded pizza but do you …

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Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

In recent years yoga has immersed as the alternative healing system of medicine. It does not count only on the physical or psychological disease but aims at dissolving spiritual sufferings also. today everything we eat we breathe and the way we live our life has brought upon a danger of diseases. We are predisposed to thousands of ailments in our day to day practices without even knowing it. In such condition deep cleansing practices like yoga and Ayurveda work as a savior which can be learned in Ayurveda yoga course in Rishikesh.

Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Ayurveda- what is it?

Ayurveda is a year …

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Most Common Myths about Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

No doubt Yoga community is expanding day by day but still, there is a lot of misconceptions around it in spite of so much noise around it in such case yoga teacher training in Rishikesh can give answers to all your doubts. The ancient practice has become a multi million industry around the world with more than a million practitioners all around.

Let us discuss the myths about yoga teacher training Rishikesh

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

  1. Yoga is only for spiritual people

Spirituality is often misguided with the religion and that distracts many from yoga classes without understanding the true spirituality and its …

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Yoga – How the Nostrils Work

Nostrils Work

As a human, we do breathing 24×7 without even noticing it. It is an essential part of body functioning. Breathing is a foremost part respiratory system where nostrils play an important part in it.  It is the process through which every cell of the body gets the essential nutrition f life that is oxygen also known as “the food for life”. Similarly, breathing is as important in yoga as in life. Controlling breathing pattern in the right way is what we call pranayamas plan refers to the life this pattern of deep breathing can improve your lung capacity increasing each …

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Why is yoga dominated by Women?

yoga and women

With the advancement in yoga practices and flourishing practices, yoga is all around the corner. Yoga centers and yoga studios are packed people ding asana and meditation but when it comes to men they are very less and can be counted on fingers. Even though the health benefits of yoga are countless and is beneficial to both the sexes number of men practicing it are very less. Despite the fact that everyone aspires to be a yogi with budding yoga trend, the yoga community is still female-dominated. The ancient practice has become a multi-million industry around the world with more …

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Yoga Practice at Studio vs. Yoga at Home

yoga practice

Yoga practice at home

Teachers and yoga instructor tell us to focus on self-practice. Yoga cannot be practised without self-analysis. Practising at home is crucial to excelling in yoga practice. Sometimes it happens that we want to excel in a particular pose that is introduced newly in class in that case self-practice at home is a must.

Home practice gives you the right self evaluation into how to focus on difficult areas and ease of doing various asana practice, enhance the value of self-awareness of one body, and cultivates the ability to care for our existence if you are practicing …

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How is yoga different from other exercise?

yoga ttc in Rishikesh

Yoga has been used to pacify the mind to enhance the functioning of the body by the yogis for a long time. The traditional discipline of yoga as laid down thousands of years ago is based on the simple methodology of maintaining harmony among the three components of life that is mind body and soul. This all, in turn, supports the life with the virtue of knowledge of its existence.

yoga ttc in Rishikesh

Benefits of yoga

Effects the mental health

Yoga is surely traditional science that was invented and practised in India. It has the roots in the Vedic wisdom and literature that, …

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Have you ever see yourself starting with a favorite yoga practice by jumping directly into your yoga pose? Sometimes we are so excited to get in asana practice that in the process, we eventually skip the practice of sun salutation.

Doing yoga practice often lead to many injuries but people say it’s just a normal thing but this is due to inadequate warm-up before getting into a yoga pose. Due to demanding of pose people suffer from stretching pain, this is only because of skipping sun salutation. The forward and backward bends lead to inadequate pain in your body. That’s …

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Why is Sarvangasana called the Queen of Asanas?

Since the civilization, the yoga has made a different place in the lives of the people. From the last couple of years, the people have realized the importance of fitness. As the number of people has taken yoga globally, it has proved the best technique to maintain the best fitness, with a peaceful mind and the high spirit.

The Benefits of Yoga

To get the best benefits of yoga, it is essential to practice yoga on an everyday basis. Many people around the globe are entirely unaware of the benefits of the yoga. The people around the world are seeking …

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