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Yoga and Pilates- How about combining both?

Trying out a combination of Yoga and Pilates would be great if you want to achieve core strength. Even though there are differences which exist between Pilates and Yoga workout, with Yoga being therapeutic and emphasizing awareness of body’s position and alignment while Pilates focused on working on the entire body, there are still a few similarities between the two regarding the goals and the moves.

It is because of these similarities that today these two different types of workouts can be incorporated into a new combination. Generally, Pilates workout is based on six major principles which are breath, …

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Why is Sarvangasana called the Queen of Asanas?

Since the civilization, the yoga has made a different place in the lives of the people. From the last couple of years, the people have realized the importance of fitness. As the number of people has taken yoga globally, it has proved the best technique to maintain the best fitness, with a peaceful mind and the high spirit.

The Benefits of Yoga

To get the best benefits of yoga, it is essential to practice yoga on an everyday basis. Many people around the globe are entirely unaware of the benefits of the yoga. The people around the world are seeking …

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Yoga and Ayurveda – Two sides of the same coin

Yoga and Ayurveda are known as sister Vedic sciences which have been practiced for several years for healing the mind, the body as well as the consciousness. In simple words, Ayurveda is concerned with the health and well being of the body while Yoga is concerned with purifying and harmonizing the mind and the consciousness, but actually, both of these ancient practices complement each other.

When practiced together, Ayurveda Yoga techniques offer many ways to improve well-being, health and vitality. Both of these practices respect as well as acknowledge the connections between mind, body and soul. Moreover, Yoga and Ayurvedic

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Ultimate Guide to Karma Yoga: Everything You Need to Know

Meaning of karma yoga

When people think of the word ‘yoga’, they imagine different yoga asanas combined with special breathing techniques. There are some different forms of yoga, and each of them has been designed to help a person develop a higher level of consciousness and attain unity with the mind, body and the soul.

Karma Yoga is the form of yoga that is related with our Karma.Karma Hinduism means ‘deeds’ or ‘actions’. Therefore, the meaning of karma yoga is that it is the ‘yoga of action’, and is a consistent dedication to selfless service. Karma yoga involves …

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Yoga Chant to Know: Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra is a Hindu Vedic hymn which is regarded as the holiest verse of the Vedas, the oldest sacred Sanskrit texts of Hinduism. The Mantra is addressed to Goddess Gayatri Devi, who is considered as the Goddess of all Vedas. This mantra can be recited by any human being, irrespective of the religion, caste or creed. Gayatri Mantra chanting is considered as an earnest and heartfelt appeal to the Almighty God.

gayatri mantra

The Gayatri Mantra reads as:

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasaya Dheemahi

Dhiyo Yo Naha Prachodayat

However, during meditation, the mantra is chanted with an additional line which is …

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The meaning of OM and how it is used in yoga

OM symbol meaning

Meaning of OM:

A simple sound “OM” is heard in almost every yoga class. However, many people do not know OM symbol meaning and get confused when they hear it being chanted. So to begin with, OM, also spelled as AUM, is the most sacred syllable in Hinduism. OM, like the Swastika, is seen in every Hindu temple and shrine. OM appears in Vedic Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language practiced by the Vedas and is used as a word of solemn affirmation and respectful assent, often translated as “yes, verily so be it”. AUM is referred to in almost all …

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Some things yogis want you to know about yoga

yoga ttc

Yoga is an ancient 5000-year-old physical and mental discipline and branch of philosophy which originated in India. In Sanskrit, the word yoga means “to unite.” Nowadays, yogis encourage all level of yoga practitioners to experience the gift of yoga. Whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner or new to the practice, yoga practices are meant for everyone. Yoga is a long journey that can be enjoyed over the course of a lifetime. The main goal of yoga is to achieve unity of the mind, body, and soul. Here is some of the yoga information which the yogis want you to …

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Yoga poses to increases your brain power and its benefits

brain power and its benefits

One of the most important parts of the body is its brain, and it controls the activity of the other body parts. The brain can do marvelous things, and you can expand its power as per your need. It is the memory storage house of the body. To make it stronger and sharper, you need some different type of exercises for this. Apart from exercise, you can practice different types of yoga for brain health.

Heavy stress and anxiety can make brain to perform slower and can malfunction it. But, yoga can help you in this, and you can …

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What is Aerial Yoga and why you should try it?

Aerial Yoga

Yoga has transformed from a mere sacred discipline derived from the ancient history of Indian civilization into a modern day alternative to fitness. While there have been many practitioners in the field that have depicted profound competences in the skills of yoga, it is imperative to note the different variations of yoga such as aerial yoga which have the potential of attracting a wider potential audience base. So now you must be wondering, What is aerial yoga?’!

In order to answer that question, we must take a lucid overview of the basic considerations for aerial yoga, its …

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Water Yoga Poses-Noodling around with yoga in the pool

Water yoga poses

While it is very important to follow a busy scheduled hustle and bustle life for earning name, fame and wealth, it is equally important to follow a spiritual, healthy and fitness routine to earn peace and longevity. People who already have yoga in their daily however sometimes tend to skip maybe due to the boring yoga poses or due to the difficulty in holding the poses. But there’s something more exciting to the same ancient art form that can make it a way more enjoyment that would ensure people swear by it than skipping it. It also has the ability …

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