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Amazing Yoga Asanas That Will Help with Faster Hair Growth

Amazing Yoga Asanas That Will Help with Faster Hair Growth

Losing hairs is nowadays one of the biggest concern of people and undoubtedly awful as it can easily describe the condition of the mind and body. Previously, the hair fall problem was as trivial, but, later with the pace of time, the situation becomes worst, and the scene is different now. Today, people are more worried about their hairs, rather than foods and lifestyle. They believe hairs are the appropriate medium to represent them to the world.

But, owing to this extreme lifestyle and changes in the surroundings, hair fall is now considered as standard issues in every household. Be …

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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: Everything You Need to Know

The movement from one posture to another posture and the flow in that movement is known as Vinyasa. The vinyasa is originated from Ashtanga Yoga. So, it is also known as Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. It involves six types of series of modern yoga. Krishna Pattabhi Jois first formulated it. It is a breath and movement system that means here your breath will flow per movement.

Maybe it sounds like something different, but there is a reason behind this why you should use one breath as per your one movement? With coordinating the breath with the movement and regulating, focusing …

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The Right way to do Utkatasana (Chair pose) in 4 Steps & its Benefits

The right way to do utkatasna (chair pose)In 4 Steps & Its Benefits

Certain lifestyles and careers choices made by a person can lead to health issues stemming from immobility. The only way to keep the mobility for a long time is by using what you already have. There is one rule that goes for chair yoga, and that is regardless of whether you eat a lot of junk food or sit around like a couch potato, they should never conflict with your attitude with any chair yoga poses.

The best part of chair yoga is that anyone can practice it. Any person who can sit will be able to benefit from …

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Yoga Sequence to Increase Metabolism

Yoga sequence to increase metabolism

The metabolism of your body determines the overall health. Bodies reflecting great metabolism is filled with energy that makes you look young and versatile while being less prone to diseases. This means your body fights off the diseases at a good pace with the balance of the body well maintained throughout your lifetime.

However, not everyone has blessed with a body housing a good metabolism. The good news here is, you can increase your metabolism via the art of yoga. Yoga has various poses in its vicinity that can help you boost your metabolism while retaining the vigor and strength …

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