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How to Increase Your Strength and Stamina through the Yoga?

How to increase strength and stamina through yoga

Nowadays, everyone has a tough hectic life schedule. One hardly gets enough time to sit back and relax at home after the whole day’s tiring routine. So, it gets very imperative for a person to have sufficient stamina not only to stay fit and active in personal life but also to improve one’s professional life as well. Here is a list of most effective and simple poses of yoga for good health and to build up your stamina that will wait for all day long.

How to increase strength and stamina through yoga

    1.  The Boat Pose Or Naukasana

The boat pose is a name given because of …

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Morning yoga poses to give you an energetic start

Morning shows the day. If the morning goes well, the person feels confident about the entire day. Hence, it is essential to give a fresh start to the morning. And, there is no better way than yoga to uplift the body and mind initially. On this context, given below is a nice morning yoga routine that one must follow for the most energetic start.

Morning yoga poses to give you an energtic start

Start with Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati:

There is no better way to get the body rejuvenated than these two breathing techniques. These tow yoga forms energize the body through supply of fresh oxygen. It keeps …

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