Gym vs Yoga – 15 Clear Differences and Benefits

Gym Vs Yoga


A gym is where a person works out on different types of machines to build muscles and increase physical strength. Doing regular exercises in Gym helps a person gain physical fitness. It also stimulates the brain’s functioning. Regular exercise at the gym helps reduce fat and keeps people safe from health problems such as diabetes, blood pressure, sugar, heart attack, etc.


Yoga is a set of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that help you live a healthy, stress-free life. People question- what yoga is good for. Yoga helps reduce the risk of deadly ailments such as cancer, asthma, and heart disease. Regular practice of yoga helps improve the body’s flexibility. Many people think, ‘Can yoga make you fit’? The answer is yes. Many yoga studios in India offer fitness yoga exercises through fitness yoga classes. Many people practice yoga for fitness.

Yoga Vs Gym

Gym & Yoga

Doing gym and yoga together is possible but not advisable. This is because both require a lot of time and energy, after which a person feels drained and needs rest. Therefore it is recommended that when it comes to gym vs yoga, you must choose one only. Guys choose gym work out while girls go to yoga. Those who do yoga for exercise are smart, as it helps improve the body’s flexibility and immunity. Many people do either yoga or the gym for weight loss, as both include a lot of exercises and sweating that results in fat burning.

15 Most fact differences and benefits of Gym Vs Yoga

  1. The gym needs machines to do various exercises, while yoga doesn’t.
  2. The gym only has practicals, while yoga has a theory and practical classes.
  3. You may or may not need a partner in a gym, but you definitely need a partner for doing certain yoga poses.
  4. The exercises at the gym are called gym poses or exercises, while those done in a yoga hall or studio are called yoga poses or postures.
  5. Gym exercises help build muscles and make them bigger, while yoga helps strengthen the muscles while keeping them lean.
  6. There will always be a difference between the yoga body and the gym body. A yoga body will be lean, mean, and flexible, but a gym body will be muscular and not that flexible.
  7. People can do yoga for concentration, but people can’t do gym exercises for the same.
  8. When we talk of yoga vs gym, obviously, more people will choose yoga as it doesn’t require lifting weights and pressurizing your muscles. Instead, it is much easier to do yoga.
  9. For those who are fat or obese, yoga or gym to lose, weight is best suited for them as both reduce fat and make the person sweat and drink a lot of water.
  10. Going for a yoga workout is a good idea. Still, people must avoid certain yoga poses if they have ailments such as heart disease, Tuberculosis, blood pressure, sugar, and arthritis.
  11. People question- why is yoga good for you than the gym? The answer is simple, yoga can be done anywhere, but physical exercises can be done only in a gym.
  12. Power yoga is a fitness yoga style done by many people during office breaks, while power-lifting is a heavy-weight training exercise that can be done only in a gym.
  13. While doing yoga, you can breathe easily or can do controlled breathing, but in the gym, while doing exercises, you breathe fast as you get puffed up.
  14. Yoga work out can be done in the office during free time, but weight training can only be done in the gym.
  15. Yoga practice is cheap, almost free, but weight training costs a bit more as it can be done with certain machines and in the gym only. It is easier to get in shape with yoga than weight training in the gym.

Exercise & Yoga

When discussing exercise vs yoga, people might like exercise without weights. Otherwise, most will go for yoga. Yoga and exercise are not too different, as yoga is a set of exercises that are done systematically. Most of experts believe that Yoga is the best exercise to remain fit and healthy.

Still, some people think- can we do gym and yoga together? As mentioned in the 3rd para, they can both be done together, but it should be ensured that they are done in such a way that your body doesn’t get drained out of energy and nutrients.