Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: Everything You Need to Know

The movement from one posture to another posture and the flow in that movement is known as Vinyasa. The vinyasa is originated from Ashtanga Yoga. So, it is also known as Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. It involves six types of series of modern yoga. Krishna Pattabhi Jois first formulated it. It is a breath and movement system that means here your breath will flow per movement.

Maybe it sounds like something different, but there is a reason behind this why you should use one breath as per your one movement? With coordinating the breath with the movement and regulating, focusing the mind on the breath, you can perform more effective yoga and can achieve a wonderful state of meditation.

It is yoga which is designed in such a way that everyone can perform it, starting from beginner to the yogis. It comes with a lot of benefits and also involved different types of series. To know about those series you have to go through a proper yoga training program. If you are looking for such type of program, then you can ashtanga vinyasa yoga training in Rishikesh.

Types of Ashtanga Series that you need to learn

It comes with six different series. During the training program, you will learn about these series. It starts with simple poses and then you will go through some advanced ashtanga yoga poses. Here are the four series of Ashtanga yoga.

  1. The Primary series of Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga primary series involves some basic asanas that taught in Vinyasa Flow classes. Here you will do the poses in a sequential manner without changing to another poster. It first starts with half primary and after you started learning more about it, you can able to perform the whole primary series. This primary series is designed in such that way which will help to purify and tone the body. Apart from that it also boosts the concentration power which you will need in the next series.

  1. The Intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga

It includes functions like back bends and headstand variations, and its main purpose is to purify the nerves. Backbends help to preserve the spin. Body’s nervous system goes through the spine, and these types of ashtanga yoga postures help to flow the Prana, also known as life force energy freely in the body. This further cleans the nervous system. First, you will go through Surya Namaskar A and B which is also known as Sun Salutation. Then you will move toward Noose Pose (Pasasana). This yoga pose is also called as a gatekeeper to the Intermediate series.

  1. Advances series of Ashtanga Yoga

As the name suggests, it is more difficult series from former series of Ashtanga yoga. But, if you have the proficiency on first two series then, you will not face any difficulties in it. But, you will need an experienced yoga trainer’s guidance before persuading through this.

  1. Poses of the Ashtanga series

  • Yoga Chikitsa:

This series is a combination of 75 different yoga pose. All the poses will help you to build strength, realign the spine, improves muscle flexibility and strength, and detoxifies the body. You will need to give around 2 hours to cover all the poses like sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, inversions, and back-bends. Then you will be taken through relaxation techniques.

  • NadiShodana:

Yoga poses involve in this is performed after completing the first poses, i.e., Yoga Chikitsa. It means purification of the nervous system. The main aim of this level is to strengthen and cleanse energy channels related to body’s nervous system. You will go through the same postures as Yoga Chikitsa, but there are some new postures you need to perform.

  • SthiraBhaga:

The SthiraBhaga is further divided into four subcategories. It normally focusses into hep intensive arm balances. The Advanced Series A, B, C, and D of SthiraBhaga consisted the endurance and art of the yoga exercise, and also you will need higher levels of strength and flexibility to perform the postures.

However, it is not easy for everyone to learn ashtanga vinyasa yoga. But don’t think that it is impossible. You can do this, all you need the best yoga training program. There any many yoga schools are there across the country, where you can learn this. You will enjoy the perfect balance between the internal spiritual and emotional balance.