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4 common mistake weakening your workout

yoga for pain relief

Whether you are a beginner or a trained profession, trying yoga for weight loss or doing yoga for pain relief few yoga mistakes can completely ruin your workout. All these mistakes make your session less effective and more painful. Remember yoga is adaptable and can be modified according to your requirements if you are in a learning or practice process. We all know that when we become used to doing this asana and attaining a level of comfortability still these mistakes if done can turn out to be dangerous. Listing general yoga mistakes which can be easily avoided

yoga for pain relief

  1. Wrong breathing

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Gym vs Yoga – 15 Clear Differences and Benefits

Gym Vs Yoga


Gym is a place where a person works out on different types of machines, to build muscles and increase physical strength. Doing regular exercises in Gym helps a person gain physical fitness. It also stimulates the brain’s functioning. Regular exercise at gym helps reduce fat and keeps people safe from health problems such as diabetes, blood pressure, sugar, heart attack, etc.


Yoga is a set of physical, mental and spiritual practices that help live a healthy and stress free life. People question- what is yoga good for? Yoga helps reduce risk from deadly ailments such …

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