Best Yoga Asanas to Cure Asthma

Best Yoga Asanas to Cure Asthma

There is every possibility for a modern day human to suffer from asthma, considering the growing pollution threats. Such threats are higher for people who travel a lot. People who have to come across with dust, dirt, pollution, etc while doing their on-site duties for construction or similar projects also hold maximum threats for asthma or similar diseases.

Well, fret not if you are already a victim of asthma or looking for the ways to avoid asthmatic diseases. Given below are some of the fantastic yoga poses that can keep you safe from asthma diseases. Best recommendation would be to join a renowned yoga center in Rishikesh for quicker and effective result.



Anulom – Vilom Pranayam:

Breathing techniques are even more effective than therapies towards asthma. It rejuvenates the nervous system and clears the paths of veins as well. However, it’s a tricky thing, hence should be practiced joining the yoga classes in Rishikesh for flawless execution. The pranayam is about inhaling in a gentle fashion through one pore of the nose while closing the other, and doing the same for the other pore.

It is better to sit in padmasana while doing this; though one can do it while sitting on the chairs as well if he/she suffers from back pain issues. In addition with asthma, Anulom Vilom is incredible in terms of maintaining blood pressure level and blood sugar as well.


Kapalbhati is another excellent breathing technique that holds proven effects against kapalbhati. Apart from asthma, it is equally effective towards reducing belly fats, controlling blood pressure, stress, and for increasing skin glows. It should be practiced with empty stomach. For best suggestions, it is always advised to definitely join yoga courses in Rishikesh.

The pranayam is basically about thrusting the stomach inwards while exhaling. Like Anulom Vilom, it should also be practiced while sitting in padmasana, though one can practice while sitting on chairs as well.


Pavanmuktasana is one of the most effective yoga poses recommended for asthma patients. Beginners should definitely join a certified center for yoga in Rishikesh for practicing this in right way. To start with Pavanmuktasna, the practitioner has to first exhale and lie down on the ground keeping the legs straight.

Now fold the leg from the knee and bend it towards the chest. Clutch the leg through both the hands and try to make the nose touch the knee. Repeat the same for the other leg as well. Most of the beginners commit mistakes while practicing this. Hence, it is always advised to do this in presence of a trainer having authorized yoga teacher certification India.

Apart from the three prime steps, one may also do the likes of Ardha Matsyendrasana, Setu Bandhasana, Bhujangasana, Badhakonasana, and poorvottanasana as well for quicker recovery from asthma. However, as of the above cases, one should first learn the right techniques to practice these from a trainer having best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Otherwise, joining yoga instructor courses from a certified institution can also do the job.