Yoga poses for Sinus Treatment and Sinusitis Relief

Yoga Poses for Sinus Treatment and Sinusitis Relief

Nowadays due to pollution and bad eating habits, the sinusitis problem is increasing alarmingly. The symptoms involved are the jammed and runny nose, watery eyes, throbbing headache and a swollen throat. If not cured properly, then sinusitis tends to become severe making you feel drowsy, congested and will affect your regular activities.

Taking antibiotics with pain killers might give you comfort instantly but it will make you feel fatigued, and you will suffer from their side effects. The best natural way to heal sinusitis is practicing Yoga. Sinus treatment in Yoga is very effective. Yoga can give permanent relief from sinusitis. Sinus problem is particularly found in those who have digestive problems due to their bad eating habits.

Yoga Poses for Sinus Treatment and Sinusitis Relief

Hence Yoga helps them to get cured with the help of different treatment procedures. This involves Yoga for Sinus Congestion, Yoga for Sinus headache, and Yoga for Sinus relief and much more. Below is the list of best 4 Yoga poses which help in the treatment of sinus and provide relief from Sinusitis.

  1. Kapalabhati (Frontal Brain cleansing Exercise):

Kapalabhati means shining of the skull. It is a pose to boost mental functions which involve refreshing and rejuvenating head area. In this, the inhalation is spontaneous and passive, and exhalation is forceful. To perform this, you have to first sit in a meditative posture and start inhaling deeply and exhaling forcefully with abdominal muscles being squeezed. Do not move your shoulders and keep your face calm, cool and relaxed. Practice this for at least 10 minutes. Its benefits include:

  • Provides relief from sinus problem.
  • One of the finest exercises to clean respiratory blockages.
  • Treats a cough, cold, sinusitis, rhinitis and other respiratory problems effectively and also a panacea in fighting mucous disorders.
  1. Anulom Vilom Pranayam:

It is otherwise called Nadisodhana Pranayam. That means it cleans the nadis and purifies them by extracting the congestion, and hence this ensures easy flow of prana inside the nadis. In this yoga first, you need to sit in a comfortable pose with back and neck straight. Put the right thumb on the right nostril and inhale slowly through the left nostril. Then close the left nostril and exhale slowly through the right nostril and then do the vice versa and finish one cycle. Do ten cycles of it with closing your eyes.  Its benefits include:

  • Helps in healing nasal congestion by purifying the nostrils.
  • Allows blood flow to brain and acts as an immunity booster.
  1. Suryabhedi Pranayam:

Its meaning is piercing the sun. This Yoga helps in curing sinusitis and killing all the worms and germs that are present across the sinus area. After sitting comfortably, close the left nostril with the help little and ring finger. Inhale through right nostril slowly and hold the breath for as long as you can. Then slowly exhale through the left nostril. After doing it regularly, you will feel that your sinus problem is in control and there is smooth and fresh air flow through your Nostrils.

  1. Bhastrika Pranayam:

Yoga experts believe that the best time to do Bhastrika Pranayam is an early morning with empty stomach. This leads the team of Sinus treatment through Yoga. It is very effective breathing exercise which can calm your mind and can balance your doshas (Kapha, Vata and Pitta) and also results in activation of Kundalini.

It makes your body oxygenated and removes any congestion related to nose, sinus or throat. To do this, first sit in Padmasana. Slowly inhale & exhale and the do forceful inhalation with exhalation just like blacksmith’s belly. After this inhale deeply and keep your breath and then slowly exhale. After that relax and start breathing normally.