Yoga Poses for Better Abs

There is a great passion among contemporary youth to flaunt the abs. They are ready to drain any amount of sweat for this stylish look, and if it possesses the health benefit also, they don’t mind. It has been seen that these youth spend huge bucks in gyms for developing the abs they desire.

Well, things can be achieved without spending the hard-earned money anywhere, at all. There is no better way than yoga for developing the abs. Given below are some of the fantastic yoga poses that can give you the sexiest abs.


This is one of the most relevant poses to develop the abs. Indeed, this is one of the various simple yoga poses for abs, but the one with a significant proven track record. You don’t need any equipment, neither even an expert. Anyone can practice this. The task is simply to twirl both the legs in the air.

You can start with one leg as well initially. Make full circles in the air through the legs while sleeping on the mat. First, rotate the legs in a clockwise direction, and then repeat the process in an anti-clockwise direction. This best yoga exercise for abs can deliver you the results only within a few weeks.


Here come another best yoga poses for abs that can be tried by anyone. The most difficult part about abs developing process is to cut the stubborn lower belly fats. And, good news is that Ustrasana addresses such challenging aspect at an ease. It has incredible effects on human backs as well.

To start the pose, first sit in bajrasana pose and then raise straight keeping the spine straight. Now bend back and try to hold the heels. The pose nicely stretches the entire belly region, including the lower portions. However, it would be a better recommendation to learn it first through someone having Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.


Paschimottasana is a very good yoga pose and stretching exercise that one must try for developing nice abs. As of ustrasana, this one also is known for its better effects on spinal portions of the body.

To start the pose, first sit on the ground keeping the legs straight. Now bend forward and try to hold the toes, and the nose should touch the knees. You can keep on breathing normally. However, being a bit technical, especially for women, it is advised to first consult someone with certified yoga ttc in Rishikesh for better results.


Halasana is one of the most incredible yoga poses for boosting flexibility level and better development of abs. This is a quite popular yoga poses among celebrities in their pursuit of getting fine abs. One can try it home as well.

All that you need is to sleep straight on a flat surface keeping the back straight. Then lift both of your legs keeping the hands on the ground. Bend it further from the back and try to make the toe touches the ground.