Yin Yoga: Every Athlete should adopt a yoga practice

Yin Yoga - Every Athlete Should Adopt a yoga practice

Getting technically skilled is not enough for an athlete. One needs to be fit enough for an enduring and injury-free career. On the other hand, the chances of injury always remain at the peak for an athlete. An athlete can meet injury during the game or as a result of strain due to physical stress. Hence, athletes are advised to take various measures to prevent the muscle strain or reforming exercises. Yin yoga would be a very good recommendation in this regard.

Yin Yoga - Every Athlete Should Adopt a yoga practice

Being the best restorative yoga

It is often asked by the athletes that why do yin yoga while having the high-end contemporary facilities. The simple answer would be because Yin Yoga is the most effective yoga for muscle recovery or strain relief. Yin yoga though looks quite simple but is pretty tricky and challenging. Here the entire body and mind have to be in harmony.

The best part, such yoga poses span only for five minutes (at max) at one stretch. Prime purpose behind yin yoga is to relax the ligaments and joint regions. This yoga improves flexibility in the bodies of the athletes as well. One of the biggest yin yoga health benefits is the relaxation that the athlete feels in body and mind.

It is important for an athlete to stay relaxed in body and mind for the best performance. No matter how strong is your body or how technically enhanced you are, if the muscles are stressed or pained, the best performance is impossible to expect. A stressed muscle makes the mind tired too. Naturally thus, the person fails to gather the confidence to resists the highest level competition.

It minimizes injury chances

Yin yoga is different from the traditional exercises or yoga forms. During the yin yoga practice, the practitioner rather relaxes while being in the posture, in contrary to the traditional exercises where the person has to put pressure on the muscle or specific body part. Different approaches of Yin yoga are meant to strengthen the connective tissues.

It holds a great effect on the connective points or the joints in the body. Yin yoga is highly recommended for the good health of the nerves as well. Taking care of the joints, nerves, and tissues, the yoga form helps in improving the flexibility of the practitioner. As the muscles stay properly refreshed, the chance of injury becomes minimal.

Best for body-mind harmony

It is very essential for an athlete to maintain the calmness in mind. A tranquil mind is the most powerful, which encourages greater focus that results in better performance. The best part about yin yoga teacher training is that here the special emphasis is given on how to keep the body and mind in proper sync.

This ability is crucial for the athlete regarding being proactive, witty and takes immediate action. He/she doesn’t remain in confusion at the crunch moments of the game, which can be the deciding factor at the highest level. In fact, this is one of the reasons that Yin Yoga classes are conducted for a comparatively longer while. Such practices help in boosting patience of the practitioner as well.

Yin yoga develops a great sensation in the body that is quite trans formative. The person can thoroughly distinguish the difference immediately after the session. It has a great effect on an emotional level as well. The depressive, negative emotions, which an athlete fails to transcend sometimes despite trying the best, can be well treated through yin yoga.

Simple yet effective

Yin Yoga is one of the simplest yet most effective yoga forms for an athlete. It doesn’t require high-end equipment or any such set-up; one can practice it at home too. If you have learn’t its techniques properly, the yoga form can be practiced alone. However, for the beginners, it is highly recommended to first learn the Yin Yoga techniques thoroughly through an expert and then do it at home.

Strengthening the tricky parts like hips, abdomens, quadriceps

Yin Yoga involves various practices. However, the restorative forms are highly recommended for the athletes. To be specific, the twists are considered highly restorative, holding a very good effect on the muscles of the spine and lower back. It strengthens the abdominal portions as well. Those who want to develop mobility or flexibility of the shoulders can find it equally effective as well.

A lot of stress is put on the hips of the athletes. Especially, the weightlifters are essential to have greater strength at their hip portions. There are very few yoga forms like Yin Yoga, which are meant for strengthening the hip. At the same time, Yi Yoga is extremely effective for the quadriceps as well.