Why is Sarvangasana called the Queen of Asanas?

Since the civilization, the yoga has made a different place in the lives of the people. From the last couple of years, the people have realized the importance of fitness. As the number of people has taken yoga globally, it has proved the best technique to maintain the best fitness, with a peaceful mind and the high spirit.

The Benefits of Yoga

To get the best benefits of yoga, it is essential to practice yoga on an everyday basis. Many people around the globe are entirely unaware of the benefits of the yoga. The people around the world are seeking the help of yoga to supercharge their body as well overcome stress. In the present scenario, the yoga is no more a word now, but it is recognized as a science and a scientific method to maintain the high level of fitness.

The Queen of Yoga

There are many poses in yoga, and the benefits of yoga vary depending on the type of poses you practice every day. Among all the postures of yoga, there is a queen of all the poses which has made a vast number of people practice it and take the highest advantage for their health. The name of the pose that is called the queen of yoga is sarvangasana poses. With this type of poses, many people have taken their fitness to the best level. With the name, it tells that sarvangasana yoga influences the functioning of all the body parts. The pose is beneficial in maintaining the mental and physical health. Due to all these benefits, this is known as the queen of all the asanas.

There is no doubt that yoga has many health benefits and due to this, the people have taken it. Apart from this the people who want to have sarvangasana benefits, they have started practicing it on a daily basis.

The below mentioned benefits will help people to understand the benefits of this pose :-

(1.) This pose of yoga is best for woman who suffers complication like menstrual problem, urinary disorder, uterine translation, including hernia.

(2.) It gives a great relief to the headache and reducing the stress level. This pose helps a lot in relaxing the mind. Apart from this it also helps to increase the blood circulation in the body. By following the sarvangasana yoga steps it is easy to maintain the blood flow in the head as well as control the hair loss and premature hair greying.

(3.) It helps to relief the disorders associated with the ear, nose, and throat.

(4.) The salamba sarvangasana has proved very beneficial for the people, who are suffering from the shortness of breath, palpitation, pharynx, the asthma attack, and it is even beneficial in bronchitis. It also helps to treat the problem of the common cold as well as nasal disruptions.

(5.) This yoga helps to stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid gland which helps to normalizes the overall functioning of the body. This is the main reason that practicing this yoga pose help to increase the blood circulation in the upper part of the body. The functioning of the pituitary gland will help to improve the flow of blood and oxygen. In short the functioning of the entire endocrine system get improved by a higher margin.

(6.) It helps to tone up the backbone and assist the relieving from the lower back pain. This pose gives a good relief to the people who keeps on working for a long time sitting on the chair.

(7.) This also helps to strength the respiratory system if the person completely follows the sarvangasana steps. This help to improve the lung capacity, the diaphragm, the muscles of the respiration work against the gravity. This also helps to improve the abdominal respiration and due to this it is a boon for the Asthma patients.

(8.) It also helps to strength the nerve which connects the neck with the brain. With the help of this yoga pose it helps to increase the flexibility of the nerves.

The yoga practiced under the expert supervision will give you a lot of health benefits. Make sure that you are practicing the correct pose to get to the highest level of fitness. This pose of yoga will help you a lot to stay fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.