The Complete Sequence of Dwi Pada Sirsasana


What is Dwi Pada Sirsasana? 

Dwi Pada Srisasana or we can say both the legs behind the head is one the complex poses in yoga philosophy and is being taught in most of yoga teacher training in rishikesh, it consists of sitting upright with your both arms stretched in V shape, eyes closed and rolled up towards your eye brows point while you breath for 3 minutes normally. Teachers duly teaches this yoga in India and many yoga ttc in rishikesh are teaching this yoga proactively because this yoga is mostly considered a great way to open the lungs as this is a way of doing a type of pranayama and also is  being used in the treatment

Sinuses. Usually you might feel these initial phases like the arm position might not get correct but with some practice it goes correct. This is one of the most popular yoga courses in rishikesh.

The name of yoga is designed with some Sanskrit words as below.

  • Dwi means two
  • Pada means legs
  • Shirsha means head and asana means pose.

How to perform Dwi Pada asana (Read while you watch below video)

The yoga doing is not that difficult as how it look like, with regular practice it becomes very easy to master on many teaches in our school and many other schools in yoga center in rishikesh they are many master of this asana.

Below are the steps to perform the pose as shown in the video.

  1. Sit straight with your legs stretched in front and keep your head and back straight and upright.
  1. Exhale from your nose normally (not fast and not too slow)
  1. Now start bending your right knee and turn it slight to the right side as shown in the video.
  1. Now bring your right arm under your calf and hold it outer of your right leg.
  1. Now raise your right leg as shown in the video.
  1. Now your right leg is raised, place the right leg on top of your right shoulder.
  1. Now the posture has become eka Pada Sirsasana, now relax your body take a deep breath slowly.
  1. Now you need to do the same with your left leg, place your left leg behind your left shoulder.
  1. Now lock your both your feet behind your neck by crossing your ankles, keep your hand on floor side by your hips and balance your body.
  1. Now slowly straight your elbow, exhale from nose and try to lift the body slowly of the floor by balancing on your hands.
  1. Now try and not to release your ankle lock and maintain this position for a good amount of time (as per your comfort) and after that gently lower the body to ground and release the lock and get your feet down slowly. (Raising your body above the floor is only for advance version of this asana).
  2. 12 Please make sure you breathe normally throughout the practice.

Benefits of Dwi Pada Srisasana

There are many benefits associated with this asana and some of them are mentioned below:

  1. This yoga pose helps to increase the blood flow in our body and improves the Level of hemoglobin in blood. It removes toxin foo the blood and other benefits with proper blood flow.
  1. This yoga pose is very good for the people who are suffering with a problem called nervous trembling.
  1. Dwi Pada Srisasana actives the heat inside your body and helps your digestion to work properly.
  1. This yoga pose is best to make your body more flexible.
  1. This yoga pose is very good for people suffering from diabeties and also being used as a treatment in many yoga teachers training in India.
  1. As good amount of proper breathe is included in this pose and thus helps to treat lung diseases and sinuses.

How this asana works for you?

Practicing Dwi Pada Srisasana increases your blood flow and improves your hemoglobin levels in blood. When blood moves slowly the toxins inside the blood are usually left behind but when your heart beat increased and blood flow fast the toxins are removed and thus your blood become cleaned, thus Dwi Pada Srisasana helps to fight against anemia and nervous trembling. Dwi Pada Sirsasana also increase heat inside your body and helps your digestive system to work properly and which gives relief to diabetes patients.

When to avoid Dwi Pada Srisasana

This asana should not be practiced by the people suffering with spume injuries and problems in their hips and knees. You need to consult your doctor to check it. It’s good for you as it might overstretch your injuries if force to do it.