The Complete Sequence of Bhujapidasana

The Complete Sequence of Bhujapidasana

What is Bhujapidasana?

Bhujapidasana or Arm pressing posture, comes from the Sanskrit bhuja which means “arm” or “shoulder”. Pida means “pressure” and asana meaning “poses”.  This yoga asana require balance, flexibility and strength in the arms and shoulders, wrist to balance on the palms with the legs to wrapped around the shoulder or upper arms. Most of the yoga student learn this asana on our yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Patience and Diligence give you the strength, balance and will power to do this Bhujapidasana.

The yoga Trainers don’t recommended for the yoga beginners to do Bhujapidasna, because as such strength and balance is got only after years of acquaintance with the yoga discipline. The trainer advised them to use only Yoga props to support the body at the initial stage. When they have mastered the pose and get more confidence then, they should try to do it without any support.

Its believes that Bhujapidasana activate the “third chakra” or” Manipura chakra”.  The third chakra is the body’s energy and vitality centre. So, to learn this asana many yoga students comes to yoga center in Rishikesh. Many yoga teacher training centre in Rishikesh are teaching this Bhujapidasana because through this asana you can dispel all the fear and insecurity. And busting mental Stress and strain.

How to do Bhujapidasana

To learn, how to do Bhujapidasana, just watch the below video and follow the steps: