What are tantra yoga and its misconceptions?

What is tantra yoga

What is tantra yoga?

The word tantra in a Sanskrit word meaning to expand. Tantra yoga joins many other yoga practices together and takes account another spiritual aspect of yoga also to connect with self-energy and the energy that flows in the universe. Tantra yoga has a very holistic approach and works on the various plane of the body that can be attributed to the energy source within it with a various location in the body itself. Each of these energy sources has its own weaknesses and its own strengths. Tantra yoga has both spiritual and physical aspect of health. It covers not only internal yogic experiences of chakras but takes counter of other forms of yoga too. Understanding the working of the body with the effect of the external atmosphere, and then using the body or body postures to drive your energy in specific directions from this atmosphere is what Tantra Yoga is. It takes own time to Learn and clear all these concepts in tantra and yoga.

Tantra and its misconception

What is tantra yoga

It deals with black magic

In western countries and even in India where yoga was originated people practicing tantra yoga are often portrayed as black magicians with special powers to overpower people and fulfill their desires with effecting others around them, using various methods to get the Gods to bless them and remove negative forces and their bad karmas that get in the way of happiness and they also ruin others by doing black magic. It is also believed that Such Tantric may use well-defined systems of knowledge, to do this black magic.

It is only related to a sexual aspect

Tantra can transform one energy source by using the more forms of energy through chakra centres inside the body and regulating the flow of energy used this way Tantra becomes very powerful. generally when someone hears about Tantra thought about sexual practices or rituals involving sex comes up in mind. In reality, Tantra is a complete science which focuses not only on one aspect of body functioning. It is a system that is the combination of various methods like Pranayama, mantras, and meditation as well as well as Ayurveda too that works on the energies in the universe to transform your energy and with this plane. The predominant energies in the universe are created that are sourced by tantra yoga. If you focus only on one element of yoga and tantra, you are surely missing this wonderful art that can transform your mind body and soul.

There are many believe that yoga and tantra cannot be combined together. However, the fact is that you can easily do so. There is so many positive aspects of tantra Vidhya that make it highly possible to adopt yoga. On the second hand, tantra is taken as a negative aspect of life but the fact is that it is just a few people who do so. But yoga can easily remove that misconception about the scene.