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 Myths about yoga in people

When we think about yoga we feel like making different poses, making your body stretch, sweating and much more, but many a times we forget the basic thing and that could make many myths built in our mind and which can change our perspective towards yoga.


Their are certain myths mentioned below which can be built in any one of our mind and which can make us not moving towards yoga and we left behind many miracles that could happen with us in our physical and mental life.

Some of the myths about Yoga:

  1. I need to be flexible : This is very first and big myth, it is actually not necessarily to be much flexible for doing yoga, you just need start once and later you will start become flexible automatically. Yoga is actually a combination of balance and strength and not only flexibility. Even yoga is very important for overweight people and non flexible people to make them fell good and more active.
  1. Yoga is about religion : Yoga is nothing to do with any religion and it actually does not belong to any community and nation as it is just a body practice to have healthy body and soul.
  1. Yoga is not workout :  Yoga is actually better than workout, it actually makes your heart more stronger than running or swimming, for the people who need more vigorous experience , they should try power yoga and ashtanga yoga.
  1. Yoga is not for men :   Yoga was actually originated by men and now a days it is becoming more and more popular among men than in women.
  1. Yoga is not for people with heart diseases and injuries : Yoga is not a medicine which can react with your problem , you just need to do some modification in your practice with your teacher and which can actually heal up your injuries and make you feel more healthy.
  1. Yoga is time consuming : Usually people think that yoga is hours task, but the actual truth is if you do yoga for 15 to 20 minutes in morning time it will strengthen you body much more than spending hours in gym.
  1. Yoga is expensive : Comparing to gym fees, home treadmills, and big exercise machines, yoga is quite cheaper as you just need to have some loose cloths, a yoga mat and book or video, yoga classes are also not much expensive, many institutions are even proving free yoga camps for their fir country.
  1. Yoga is of only one type : This is a old book myth that sitting idle and closing your eyes is yoga, but now a days yoga is coming with many variations Vinyasa yoga focuses on yoyr breath, power yoga helps you building you strength and hatha yoga is a slower form of the discipline etc.

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