How yoga makes you a Better Runner?

How Yoga Make You a Better Runner

Running is a serious job. One needs peak level fitness and stamina to be a professional runner. And, the fitness desired can be thoroughly achieved by regular practice of yoga. Starting from muscular fitness to mental health, yoga can help a runner in every aspect to be a performer in true sense. Given below are some best yoga poses recommended for a runner and how they help a runner.

How Yoga Make You a Better Runner

Chaturanga Dandasana:

Chaturanga Dandasana is one of the best yoga poses for runners as it is the best way to boost the core strength in the body. The pose energizes the entire body and maintains equilibrium all over. All that the practitioner needs to do is simply keeping the body parallel to the ground with support of the palms and the feet. It’s like the paused state while doing the push-ups.


Matsyasana is one of the finest yoga poses for runners. It helps in relaxing the tighter muscles. The stiffness that arises in muscles after running can be thoroughly healed through these poses. This pose expands the pectorals and makes the spine flexible as well. Here the practitioner simply has to first sleep on a flat surface, and then lift up the chest making the head touch the ground.

Adhomukha swanasana:

This is the best stretching exercise recommended for the runners. If you are looking for the benefits of yoga for runners that can improve their arm and upper body strength, this would be the perfect recommendation.


Uttanasana is another best yoga for runners to improve their flexibility level. It also strengthens the shoulders and expands the chest. The pose improves the blood flow to the entire body that is vital for a runner in terms of avoiding the cramps or fatigues. It also strengthens the legs. All it needs is simply to stand straight and bend forward holding the heel portion of the leg. Try to make the nose touch the knee.

Utthita Parsvakonasana:

This is the best yoga for runners in terms of improving the strength of their leg muscles; especially of the thighs and the calf. It can be a very good stretching exercise at the same time as well. This is the best yoga pose to clear the whole range of stiffness or clogging in leg muscles. Here the practitioner first has to stand and expand the legs. Then move the upper body to one side, which naturally causes the thigh getting down from the knee. Make the palm of the same side you have tilted touch the ground, while stretching and lifting the other in the air alongside the ear. Repeat the process for the other side.


This is the most popular sports yoga, especially recommended for the sprinters. It brings the ultimate fitness and flexibility in the body that a hardcore sports person like a sprinter looks for. Here both the legs have to be stretched horizontally in either direction making a straight-line. Make the head up, lift both the hands and join the palm.