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Yoga poses for teenage skin care

yoga poses for teenagers

Skin is the gateway for a confident personality. Every woman wishes for that flawless skin that becomes the centre of attraction wherever they go. Especially in teenage when various changes are happening in the body issues like pigmentation and acne are very common which can cause low self-esteem. This issue can grow with age and […]

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How can Yoga help to reduce belly fat?

Yoga to reduce belly fat

Belly fat results as an acute morbid state of excessive fat accumulation. This condition occurs when for a longer period of time the calories intake is more than the expenditure of calories in the physical exercise by the individual. Reduce Fat through Yoga Yoga can reduce belly fat very effectively if done on regular and […]

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What is the difference between yoga and yogi?

difference between yoga and yogi

What is Yoga? Yoga is a physical and mental fitness system practiced for thousands of decades. It was first originated in India, and now increasingly throughout the globe. One of the factors of its fame is the fact that even medical consultants are advising patients on the value of yoga and it is being intensively […]

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Yoga Diet for Yoga Beginners

yoga diet plan for yoga beginners

Best Yoga Diet for Health Yoga Diet plays an important part in getting full benefits from your yoga exercise or yoga practice. Human body requires food or getting energy and this energy sustains life. Different type of food and its quality affects your physical as well as mental health. That’s the reason why sportsmen and […]

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