Best yoga poses for removing extreme laziness

Best Yoga Poses for Removing Extreme Laziness

Modern day lifestyle is moving in an absolutely reverse order. People these days are ready to put up with a lot stress in the mind, but not with the body. Consequence is evident; they are getting lazy. Laziness is not cool; it leads to various health disasters, starting from obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, to cardiac diseases. Such people are highly recommended to practice yoga regularly. Given below are some of the best yoga poses to cut laziness.

Best Yoga Poses for Removing Extreme Laziness


If you are looking for easy exercises for lazy people, this one would be the perfect recommendation. Not just for the lazy people, this can be the most effective yoga pose for quick weight loss. The process is very simple. The practitioner first has to sleep on a flat surface, keeping the legs straight. Now lift both the legs jointly from the waist and rotate in clock and anti-clockwise direction. You may rotate it in up and down manner, like paddling as well. Make full circles while rotating. Beginners may start with one leg initially.

Chaturanga Dandasana:

This is another easy yoga asanas lazy people can try. The pose boosts immense core strength inside the body. It is also one of the simplest of its kind that anyone can do. Here the practitioner simply has to keep the body parallel to the ground with support of only both the palms and finger and ball of the foot. You may remain at this state as per your ability.


Bhujangasana can be another nice yoga for energy boosting. Its simplicity makes it perfect for people of all groups. Those who are suffering for their habit excessive laziness can find this one absolutely effective. To start with, first one has to sleep on the chest on a flat surface. Now exhale and lift up the upper body from the waist with support of both the palms. Keep the head and the vision up. Stay at this state for a while and again come back. Repeat the process for at least ten minutes.


Vajrasana can be another fine yoga for laziness. This pose accelerates the digestion process, hence the person starts feeling light and energetic. In fact, this is the only pose that can be practiced even immediately after having the meal. The pose is simple; it’s only about sitting on the heels. It means your buttock has to be established on the heels of both the feet. Keep the back straight and both the palms on the thigh.


Trikonasana can be another fine yoga for removing laziness. This can also be tried by people of any fitness level. To start the process, first stand straight and create some gap between the legs. Keep one of the legs a bit more towards the exterior, and bend the upper body down towards it making the fingers of the hands (of the same side) touch the ground. Raise the other hand straight up in the air, and the vision should be on the finger tips. Repeat the process for the other side as well. It significantly helps in reducing belly fats.