Best yoga poses every working woman should practice

Best yoga poses every working woman should practice

Yoga is a very good way for women to stay strong and fit. It not only keeps them fit in terms of their external body, but also perfectly regulates the hormonal secretions. At the same time, it can be the most effective way to avoid the mental issues like stress, depression, anxiety, etc. To be specific, women are always recommended to practice regularly the following yoga poses for a better physical and mental health.

Best yoga poses every working woman should practice


Vajrasana is one of the best female yoga poses that can be practiced every day. In fact, it can be practiced after having the meals as well. It perfectly strengthens the back and leg of the practitioner. Hence, ladies having back-pain issues can also practice the pose. To start with the pose, first sit on the ground keeping the legs straight. Now bend both the legs from the knee, so that the buttocks sit on the heels. Keep the back straight and both the palms on your thighs.


Sarvangasana is one of the most recommended yoga asanas for women, especially of younger age groups. As per its name, the pose holds advantage for every part of the body. The best part, the pose enhances blood flow to every part of the body, including the brain. To start with the pose, the practitioner first has to sleep straight on the ground facing up. Now with support of palms on the back, lift both the legs straight in the air. It means the entire body has to remain established on the shoulder, and with support of the arms.


Halasana is a fantastic yoga for ladies. Starting from improvement of body flexibility to addressing the female menstrual issues, the pose can be enchanting in many ways. It is very good for vertebral column and the shoulders. However, ladies during their pregnancy days should consult a doctor before doing this. Halasana can be attempted the same way as of Sarvangasana. However, here the legs don’t have to be kept straight in the air. Rather, you have to bend those further making the toes touching the ground.

Chaturanga Dandasana:

Chaturanga Dandasana is a perfect yoga for women of all age. The pose is one of the best ways to improve core body strength and to achieve a flat tummy in minimal time. In addition, it strengthens the arms and wrists as well. The practitioner simply has to balance the entire body parallel with the ground with support of both the palms pressing the ground, and the fore-front or fingers of the feet.


Dwichakrikasana is one of the best yoga for women’s health. It is considered the most effective pose to reduce the excessive stubborn lower belly fats and those accumulated at the sides. The practitioner simply has to sleep on a flat surface, lift both the legs from the hips keeping it straight, and rotate in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions making full circles in the air. One may rotate the legs like paddling as well in up and down direction.