Best ways to practice yoga in the office

Best ways to practice yoga in the office

People are very much aware of yoga and its relevance in modern times. They are quite interested in regularly practicing yoga as well. However, through the process of following day-to-day working schedule, it sometimes becomes difficult for them to find enough time to practice yoga.

People those who have to leave the house early for office or those who work in night shifts don’t get enough time to practice yoga. They have to spend a lot of time on the way itself. Anyway, they can still do yoga at the office itself. Given below are some nice recommendations for those who can discover some time at office for yoga.

Best ways to practice yoga in the office

Chaturanga Dandasana:

This is one of the best office yoga poses for those who complain that their desk job is the reason behind their increasing weight. It keeps your tummy flat and improves the core strength in a great fashion. You don’t need a lot of space to do the pose. All it needs is to keep body parallel to the ground through support of palms and fingers of the feet pressing the ground. It’s like pausing the process of push-up while moving down.


Vajrasana can be the best recommendation of yoga at work, mostly for those suffering from issues of digestion. The best part, it can be done with foods inside the stomach. All it needs is to sit on your knees, or keeping the thighs on your shank and keeping the back straight. Put both the hands on your thigh.


Uttanasana can be another nice yoga for the office. It gives the due flexibility to the body, which ultimately helps the person in overcoming the issues like back pain and obesity. Simply stand straight and bend forward holding the heel portions. Try to make the nose touch knee.


Bhramri would be the perfect yoga at your desk to pick for relieving the stress in body. This would be the best recommendation for those who have to sit in front of a computer for longer hours. Though it’s normally done by sitting in cross leg posture, one can go for on the chair as well.

Just sit on your chair keeping the back straight and eyes closed by putting fingers on it. Now make a very gentle murmuring sound like honey bee inside, without moving the lips and tongue. It’s one of the finest yoga chair exercises for coding experts.

Anulom Vilom:

This is one of the best chair yoga exercises one can try at the office. Anulom-Vilom is one of the most recommended yoga for its numerous benefits. In fact, it can be claimed that a regular practitioner of anulom-vilom holds minimal threats of suffering from diseases like blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attacks, etc.

In addition, the person can witness a great development in his/her immunity level. Though anulom-vilom is mostly done in cross-legged posture, one can do it while sitting on the chair. Well, if your chair is big enough, you can sit in cross leg state as well. But make sure the stomach is not filled.