Best prenatal yoga poses for pregnant women

Pregnant yoga classes in Rishikesh

Seeing that two line on a pregnancy kit is a bliss. Initially, we all get excited but soon as time passes by women are taken by the symptoms of pregnancy and the worries related to it increases. We are fearsome to pass this long time period of 9 months but these symptoms, as well as labour pain, can eased by yoga. Yoga for pregnant women allows you to enjoy the world of yoga specially designed for moms to be so that you can achieve your fitness goal in this period of weight gain.

Why you should do prenatal yoga poses for pregnant women

  • If practised on a daily basis yoga can be used and the results are unbelievable. If undergone proper training in continuous practice it can have the following
  • It enhances the function of the organs hence balancing the hormonal production benefit in the viability of pregnancy and reduces chances of miscarriage.
  • It improves digestion and immunity
  • It helps in pelvic floor muscle strengthening which is helpful during labour.
  • It keeps your mind calm necessary during the period of nausea and vomiting and other secondary symptoms like heartburn acidity etc.
  • It strengthens the blood flow to your baby through placenta hence providing all nutrition. Pregnant yoga classes in Rishikesh give you the proper knowledge regarding the body changes and how yoga can help.

Let us see few prenatal yoga poses for pregnant women that help you throughout this period.

Pregnant yoga classes in Rishikesh

  1. Balasana

This is famously known as a child or infant pose. The concentration on the breathing along with mild stretching of back and shoulder will eliminate the pain and calm down your mind. Yoga for cervical pain is no doubt the best solution.

  1. Eka Pada Kapotasana 

This is also known as pigeon pose .done by Sliding right leg forward so right knee comes to right wrist, and right flexed foot is directed toward the left wrist. Ease left leg down to the ground and extend it behind you, keeping left foot relaxed and leg internally rotated. This asana works wonder to relax back muscle.

  1. Uttanasana

This is a forward bending pose which stretches the back and opens up the trapped pain within the spinal joints. But don’t forget to the extent the pose only to the degree of pain and flexibility of your body.

  1. Upavistha Konasana

This is seated wide bend asana. Sit with legs extended straight now spread legs on the ground. Leaning the chest downwards on ground and forearms in front of you and feel the stretch in your hips.

Remember to stay comfortable at every step of any pose. However, since you have a new life growing in him, so, make sure that you are extra careful. Don’t push your limit. If you think that half an hour is more than enough for you then be it. You need to do it as per your convince since your body is already going through chance. Make sure that it is perfect.