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What is Hot Yoga and Its Benefits and Poses?

Hot yoga poses

Hot yoga is a term that is described apart of yoga which is practiced under extreme conditions such as humid and hot conditions. It is one of the top yoga fitness that is based on the heat of the body and room temperature. This increases the sweat all over the body and works to improve body health. The type of yoga-inspired yoga tends to replicate humidity and heat enhancing the power at a fast rate.

Difference between yoga and hot yoga

Since the definition both styles are different makes them entirely different for each other. Regular yoga widely depends on …

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Yoga poses for teenage skin care

yoga poses for teenagers

Skin is the gateway for a confident personality. Every woman wishes for that flawless skin that becomes the centre of attraction wherever they go. Especially in teenage when various changes are happening in the body issues like pigmentation and acne are very common which can cause low self-esteem.

This issue can grow with age and time and hence it must be rectified at the correct time. It might not be important but it is highly essential to take care of.

Let us see some of the yoga poses for teenagers

yoga poses for teenagers

  1. VIRABHADRASANA (warrior pose): extending one leg backwards with stretching hands

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What is blindfold yoga?

What is blindfolded yoga

What is blindfolded yoga?

As the name suggests blindfold yoga refers to the practice of yoga when your eyes were covered with the help of a blindfold. This trend has become popular recently in countries like unites states and few more countries of Europe and is on the way where people will relish it as much as other yoga forms. This form of yoga has been the craze everywhere bee n in yoga festivals or on YouTube videos. The idea of blindfolds while performing yoga poses can be fun, but at the same time is frightening for many.

But why …

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How does Pranayama help you?

benefits of pranayama

Breathing is one of the important aspects of living for living beings, but to do it with right technique Pranayama is the best way. The term Pranayama is relatable for people who do Yoga regularly to stay fit. It is referred to as the scientific process of inhalation and exhalation, which boosts the flow of oxygen in every part of the body. The word Prana means cosmic energy which combines all the elements of the universe and Ayama means the technique of stimulating this force in our body. Those individuals, who do Yoga regularly, will definitely know the true benefits

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5 yoga poses you can do with your partner

Partner yoga poses

Thinking to give a second chance to your marriage or going through a rough phase in friendship, why do not try partner yoga. Partner yoga is a form of yoga which can be done with any partner be it your friend or family member. It is also known as couples yoga. This form can be considered as the modern day improvisation from the regular yoga class which might turn boring at some point in time. It can be great fun if done in a right way and works as a helping aid to each other. Partner yoga poses are …

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Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita is in Yoga Class

importance of Yoga in Bhagavad Gita

Wisdom can’t be simply defined as having knowledge, experience or quality of being wise. It is more than the sum of these essential aspects. It takes patience, calmness, and positivity towards the situations happening around you to master wisdom. The question simply arises that how Yoga can lead us towards the path of wisdom.

According to experts, the wisdom is defined as a great sense of understanding for recognizing the truth, and making a decision with intellectual power. It requires common sense, good judging strength, and experience of adapting situations accordingly. Yoga is a great ancient activity and during its …

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What Is Jal Neti In Yoga And Its Benefits And Techniques?

Jal Neti kriya in yoga

What Is A Jal Neti In Yoga?

Jal Neti kriya in yoga is a practice that was used by yogis to stay disease-free and most significantly to use the breath well for their yogic practices without any blockages. In a similar way brushing the teeth is dental hygiene; the practice of Jal Neti is a nasal hygiene. This practice uses water to purify and clean the nasal path, starting from the nostrils to the throat.

Jal Neti Techniques

Jal Neti is one of the six-purification procedures or ‘Shatkarmas’ discussed in Hatha Yoga Pradeepika. To perform this technique, you must have …

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What is the Difference between Yoga and Yoga Therapy?

difference between yoga and yoga therapy

What is yoga?

Yoga has been known as a Hindu discipline, a science of life, an exercise, a self-improvement method, a gateway to God, and several more explanations.

Yoga will improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. As a result, Yoga learners will enhance their mental and physical well being. Yoga teaches us various things.

What is yoga therapy?

Yoga Therapy mines the complete science of Yoga as written about in the Yoga Sutras for physical practices that bringing health and healing to problems that confront us in contemporary life. The vast, antique teachings of Yoga hold responses to the …

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