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Yoga Poses to Prepare You for Wheel Pose

how to do wheel yoga pose

Understanding yoga wheel pose urdhava dhanurasana or chakra-asana)

It is an advanced form of pose that requires a lot of energy and practice. It involves efforts from whole body and determination from mind against the gravitational force to bend like an arch or form a wheel.

It uses the muscle like biceps triceps glutes quadriceps back. Back bending asana like wheel pose can tackle down the effect of the neck pain occur due to a continuous computer or cell phones use referred to as tech neck syndrome.

Yoga poses to practice before preparing for wheel pose

Before directly lending into …

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4 common mistake weakening your workout

yoga for pain relief

Whether you are a beginner or a trained profession, trying yoga for weight loss or doing yoga for pain relief few yoga mistakes can completely ruin your workout. All these mistakes make your session less effective and more painful. Remember yoga is adaptable and can be modified according to your requirements if you are in a learning or practice process. We all know that when we become used to doing this asana and attaining a level of comfortability still these mistakes if done can turn out to be dangerous. Listing general yoga mistakes which can be easily avoided

yoga for pain relief

  1. Wrong breathing

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Have you ever see yourself starting with a favorite yoga practice by jumping directly into your yoga pose? Sometimes we are so excited to get in asana practice that in the process, we eventually skip the practice of sun salutation.

Doing yoga practice often lead to many injuries but people say it’s just a normal thing but this is due to inadequate warm-up before getting into a yoga pose. Due to demanding of pose people suffer from stretching pain, this is only because of skipping sun salutation. The forward and backward bends lead to inadequate pain in your body. That’s …

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How to learn ashtanga vinyasa yoga poses

benefits of ashtanga vinyasa yoga

Ashtanga Vinyasa is a form of yoga practice that is also referred as ashtanga yoga. It consists of a series of yoga postures which will direct you to another sequence. The combined form of ashtanga vinyasa yoga words on the movement and breathing of an individual. These forms are famous with the name of energy locks or Ujjayi breathing and bandhas.

benefits of ashtanga vinyasa yoga

  1. Trikonasana or Triangle Pose

Stand straight and then spread your feet apart bringing them at a distance of 3-4 inches. Now point out the right foot so that it forms a total of 40-degree angle with other foot. Now, …

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Yoga poses that will help you relax before bedtime

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

If you believe that yoga has to be vigorous, and blood pumping exercise then you need to think again. As a matter of fact, yoga for health included exercises that are very useful and will only a few minutes bring a lot of changes in your mind and body. There are so many benefits that will help you with the gentle yoga sequence for a short time.

If you are busy for a whole then, even then you can take some minutes out right before going to bed. It will make your body more comfortable by releasing all the stress …

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Signs you need to do some yoga ASAP

yoga signs

Being a yogi, you definitely know what amount physical, mental and otherworldly teach is involved. Our yoga rehearse carries with it a more prominent stream of prana to your body, it makes more space and quality physically and enthusiastically, and that is just the beginning! Look out for the yoga signs.

yoga signs

You’re anxious

You’re to a great degree depleted, however by one means or another you can’t sit still. You wind up wired up with tension and unfit to unwind. Time feels like it’s sneaking past your fingers when all you truly require is some type of a chill …

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Yoga and Pilates- How about combining both?

Trying out a combination of Yoga and Pilates would be great if you want to achieve core strength. Even though there are differences which exist between Pilates and Yoga workout, with Yoga being therapeutic and emphasizing awareness of body’s position and alignment while Pilates focused on working on the entire body, there are still a few similarities between the two regarding the goals and the moves.

It is because of these similarities that today these two different types of workouts can be incorporated into a new combination. Generally, Pilates workout is based on six major principles which are breath, …

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