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Best yoga poses to improve your memory

Best Yoga Poses to Improve Your Memory

Humans are said to be the most advanced living organism on this earth for their improved memory power. In fact, among the humans, some people are blessed with a greater memory power and some others with comparatively lesser. There are various reasons behind the lacking memory power in case of some people. Yoga would be the perfect recommendation for these groups of people. To be specific, the following yoga poses are most recommended for keeping the memory power improved.

Best Yoga Poses to Improve Your Memory


Bhramri pranayam is the best yoga for memory improvement. This is a simple exercise as well. All you need is …

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Yoga asana to Help for Digestion While Traveling

Best Yoga Asana to Help Digestion While Traveling

Even people with strongest mind find it difficult to concentrate when the digestion is not proper. Digestion is indeed a common problem among many. However, people those travel a lot or those who are involved with marketing professions often have to remain worried about digestion issues. On this context, given below are some of the best yoga asanas to improve digestion even while traveling.Best Yoga Asana to Help Digestion While Traveling

Supta Baddha Konasana:

This is one of the simplest asanas for digestion. All you need is to sleep on a flat surface bending the legs from knees and joining the lower portion of the feet …

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Best yoga poses for thyroid problems

Number of thyroid patients has grown in a noteworthy fashion in recent past. According to the reports, more than twenty million people in the United Sates are suffering from these issues.  Person suffering from thyroid disorder lacks passion in life, suffers from unusual weight gain, hair fall, disordered menstrual cycle, etc. However, yoga has been one of the most effective ways to stay away of thyroid issues. To be specific, given below are some of the best yoga poses one may try for a better cure of thyroid.

Best yoga poses for thyroid problems


Halasana is one of the best yoga for thyroid. Though …

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Can Yoga Help Children with Autism?

Can Yoga Help Children with Autism

Children suffering from autism mostly lack social behavior. They are not as expressive as of a normal child. The prime reason behind the same is that their sensory organs don’t perform the same way as of a usual child. Yoga is indeed one of the finest recommendations for such children who are the victims of autism.

Can Yoga Help Children with Autism

Is Yoga really effective?

Many around the globe have advocated about practice of yoga for autism. The prime reason why one should believe yoga as an effective solution for autism symptom among children is because it is proven. There are many issues …

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How Yoga Can Help People at Risk for Heart attack

Threats of cardiac arrest remain there for every individual in modern times, those who don’t workout regularly or are habituated with unhealthy diet. High blood pressure, cholesterol, stress, etc, are some of the prominent reasons behind cardiac arrests. Indeed, medicinal cost of these diseases is quite expensive in contemporary times.

Yoga is a must recommendation for modern day people to avoid threats of heart attack. It is the safest, most-effective, and natural way of treating heart attack issues. Given below is some of the most effective yoga for heart patients.

How Yoga Can Help People for Heartattack [1]


Padangusthasana is a fine yoga to treat cardiac …

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How yoga help to increase flexibility

how yoga help to increse flexiblity

No one would ever doubt about the effectiveness of yoga in terms of improving flexibility level of the practitioner. In fact, starting from the top athletes to the celebrity fitness enthusiasts, everyone is a fan of yoga. The best part of yoga is that it can be practiced by people of all age groups and gender.

As explained above, there is hardly any doubt regarding the effectiveness of yoga for flexibility. What makes yoga distinguishing in comparison with other instrumental gym-based workouts is that yoga relieves the muscles, whereas the others make the muscles stressed. Naturally thus, the person …

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Best yoga poses to keep diabetes under control

Diabetes is the biggest health threat among contemporary humans. Disordered lifestyle, irregularities in diet, sleep, stress, etc, are the various reasons that diabetes is spreading like an epidemic. Though therapeutic ways are available for the disease, still, prevention has turned out to be the best solution for this. And, there can’t be any better way than the yoga to prevent diabetes or to keep it under control. Given below are some of the yoga poses to control diabetes.

best yoga poses to keep diabeties under control

Anulom-Vilom Pranayam:

If your diabetes level has gone higher, anulom-vilom becomes a nice recommendation to go with. If you are not …

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5 eye yoga practices to improve vision

Life is nothing without the eyes. The most essential and hardworking organ is however the most sensitive. Hence, it is important for humans to take needful actions for the proper care of their pair of eyes. In fact, it is more important for contemporary youth those who have to spend a significant number of hours in front of the computers. Good to know is that yoga can be a very good way to take proper care of eyes in an effortless fashion. Given below are some of the best yoga practices for eyes that you must try for an …

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Morning yoga poses to give you an energetic start

Morning shows the day. If the morning goes well, the person feels confident about the entire day. Hence, it is essential to give a fresh start to the morning. And, there is no better way than yoga to uplift the body and mind initially. On this context, given below is a nice morning yoga routine that one must follow for the most energetic start.

Morning yoga poses to give you an energtic start

Start with Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati:

There is no better way to get the body rejuvenated than these two breathing techniques. These tow yoga forms energize the body through supply of fresh oxygen. It keeps …

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Best yoga poses to treat migraine

Migraine pains are horrible. It is frequent among people who are involved with mental works more often. One can’t simply have focus on anything he/she does if suffering from the migraine pain. Though taking medicine comes as a spontaneous thought in to the mind for its healing, it’s a fact that medicines are absolutely not the safest options. On this context, practicing yoga can be a very good recommendation to go with. Given below is the list of some of the most recommended yoga for migraine pain.

Best yoga poses to treat migraine


Virasana improves the blood flow to the brain, and thus heals …

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