10 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga in the Morning

Why you do yoga in the every morning & its importance

do yoga in morning

Yoga is and has always been good for health for ages. Daily practice of yoga can do wonders and can completely transform your personality, including your mindset. It is a great way of remaining fit both- physically and mentally. It is a great way of maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle, free of tension and stress. A daily yoga practitioner can effectively deal with different kinds of pains and ailments that might appear in different parts of the body. The best time to do yoga is in the morning as that is the time when a person is fresh and there is peaceful and calm environment all around.

10 Reasons why you should do yoga in the every morning:

  1. Start you day with a positive intention
  2. Deep Breathing
  3. Pay homage to the sun
  4. Activate your White Army
  5. Feel Happy & Free
  6. Meditate for Clarity of Mind
  7. Be a morning person & prolong the benefits
  8. Boost Brain Power
  9. Boost Digestive System
  10. Know Yourself


  1. Start you day with a positive intention

Before starting your day with yoga, you must set an intention that you will do it and that too, daily. Setting an intention will make you get out of your comfort zone and do yoga even when your body feels tired or lazy. This intention will charge you up for the day & will make you focused for working hours.

  1. Deep Breathing

When a person wakes up, his/her body and mind are calm, composed and clear. The mind at that time is ready to accept anything. Most of the fresh air is available in the morning, thus, you can do breathing exercises and go deep in them. This will help provide enough oxygen to the body and strengthen the flow of prana.

  1. Pay homage to the sun

Practice sun salutation (Surya Namaskar) and pay homage to sun god for starting the new day, full of light and energy. Feel the rhythm of the natural world and tap your own body’s natural rhythm.

  1. Activate your White Army

Our body has white blood cells, known to boost our immunity and fight against diseases and ailments. It is necessary for them to be active and work best by flowing through efficient blood flow. For this you can do the legs up against the wall pose, considered one of the best pose for stimulating blood flow and activating the white army.

  1. Feel Happy & Free

Once you start doing yoga, you will start feeling much better and happier than before. Yoga boosts your mood and you feel happy as yoga practice makes your body more active and efficient. Feel the freeness in you and around you in nature.

  1. Meditate for Clarity of Mind

Meditation is also a part of yoga and can be done in the morning to start your day. It will make you aware of your thoughts, observe them and act accordingly. Daily practice of meditation will provide clarity of mind and you will be able to decide what you want to do more quickly and efficiently.

  1. Be a morning person & prolong the benefits

Daily practice of yoga will make you wake up early and will allow you to do a lot of things which you couldn’t have done due to lack of time. You will start feeling the benefits of yoga in the next 20 to 30 days. Your efficiency to practice poses will increase automatically.

  1. Boost Brain Power

Rising early every morning and doing yoga and meditation will greatly improve your overall health. Breathing in fresh air daily will enhance and boost your brain power. You will become more alert about yourself and about things and incidents happening around you. This will further help you focus on your work at hand.

  1. Boost Digestive System

While doing yoga you will also include herbal and ayurvedic drinks such as green tea, lemon tea, fruit juices, fresh green salad and lots of pure water. This will tremendously enhance and boost your digestive system as you will be living a healthy and yogic lifestyle.


  1. Know Yourself with morning yoga

Daily practice of yoga will help you know yourself better. You will be able to evaluate your physical, mental and emotional progress. More so, you will be able to know your body, its limits and will be able to improve its overall functioning.  Furthermore, while meditating you will be able to think about your actions, your communications, your thoughts, and will be able to find answers to your questions within self.

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