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Myths about yoga in people – Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

 Myths about yoga in people

When we think about yoga we feel like making different poses, making your body stretch, sweating and much more, but many a times we forget the basic thing and that could make many myths built in our mind and which can change our perspective towards yoga.


Their are certain myths mentioned below which can be built in any one of our mind and which can make us not moving towards yoga and we left behind many miracles that could happen with us in our physical and mental life.

Some of the myths about Yoga:

  1. I

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The Complete Sequence of Dwi Pada Sirsasana


What is Dwi Pada Sirsasana? 

Dwi Pada Srisasana or we can say both the legs behind the head is one the complex poses in yoga philosophy and is being taught in most of yoga teacher training in rishikesh, it consists of sitting upright with your both arms stretched in V shape, eyes closed and rolled up towards your eye brows point while you breath for 3 minutes normally. Teachers duly teaches this yoga in India and many yoga ttc in rishikesh are teaching this yoga proactively because this yoga is mostly considered a great way to open the lungs as …

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Yoga Diet for Yoga Beginners

yoga diet plan for yoga beginners

Best Yoga Diet for Health

Yoga Diet plays an important part in getting full benefits from your yoga exercise or yoga practice. Human body requires food or getting energy and this energy sustains life. Different type of food and its quality affects your physical as well as mental health. That’s the reason why sportsmen and pregnant women need special food. Best diet for yoga does not believe in calorie count of foods or the vitamins, proteins which we get from the food. Some of the yogis survive on insufficient amount of food and still enjoy better health than all of …

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What is kundalini Yoga and it’s Benefits?

what is Kundalini yoga

What is Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a combination of Bhakti yoga, Raja Yoga and Shakti Yoga. Bhakti yoga is the yogic practice of devotion and chanting. Raja Yoga is the practice of Meditation or mental and physical control. Shakti yoga is the expression for yoga and energy. “Yogi Bhajan” brought kundalini yoga and meditation to the west in 1968 and it is designed to give you “hands on” experience of your highest consciousness. It teaches a method by which you can realize or achieve the sacred purpose of your life. Yogi Bhajan believed strongly that everyone should …

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yoga ttc in rishikesh | Benefits of Hatha Yoga


yoga ttc in rishikesh | Benefits of Hatha YogaBenefits of Hatha Yoga – Understanding Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga simply is that style of yoga which includes physical techniques or exercises or poses mostly based on spine, that are practiced all across the world. It has been made out of two Sanskrit words namely ‘Ha’ meaning Sun and ‘Tha’ meaning Moon. Together it means combining the energies of sun and moon while doing various yoga poses. There are many benefits of Hatha Yoga some of which have been described below.


Benefits of Hatha Yoga:

  1. Relaxes mind & tense body- Since hatha

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10 Reasons why you should do yoga in the morning – yoga center in Rishikesh

Why you do yoga in the every morning & its importance

do yoga in morning

Yoga is and has always been good for health for ages. Daily practice of yoga can do wonders and can completely transform your personality, including your mindset. It is a great way of remaining fit both- physically and mentally. It is a great way of maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle, free of tension and stress. A daily yoga practitioner can effectively deal with different kinds of pains and ailments that might appear in different parts of the body. The best time to do yoga is in the morning …

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5 Easy Morning Yoga Asanas for Beginners at Home

We all wake up in the morning to start the new day. Some people who are fitness conscious, wake up early as they have to go for morning walk, go to gym and/or go to a yoga school or a yoga studio to practice yoga. Usually most of the people go for an hour long walk+ exercise, muscle building & weight training at gym and various yoga poses in a yoga studio. But there are many people who don’t have an hour’s time to give to maintain their fitness and healthy lifestyle. Such people can give only 10 to 15 …

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How to become a Yoga Instructor

There are many people who are health conscious and always remain aware and alert about themselves and their family members and friends. Some consider it sincerely and decide to learn yoga first and then teach it to others as profession. This way they are able to bring awareness about living a healthy, stress and ailment free life among people. Now the question is- how to become a yoga instructor? Here are a few pointers that will answer your queries:-

  • Start practicing basic poses of Yoga

You must first begin with start practicing yoga daily. If you are new to it …

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