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Is yoga actually good for your back pain?

A great number of people are currently following the yoga for getting back their dream weight. No doubt these people are highest in number among all yoga followers. Other than weight loss, back pain is the reason that drags an equivalently large mass towards yoga. Yoga for back pain is very effective, and is commonly advised. Given below are some of the excellent yoga poses you can try for treating the back pain issues effectively.


Practicing Ustrasana can make you avoid back pain issues with perfection. This is a well known yoga for lower back pain issues, which …

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Yoga poses for beginners

Yoga being one of the most-spelled terms around the globe, a lot of first-timers is showing interest in being a part of it. And, the first thing that they enquirer being specific is, about the yoga for beginners. It’s a good idea though to start from the basic yoga poses initially, rather than jumping straight in to those tough ones to avoid any kind of injury.

On this context, given below are some of the beginners yoga poses to help the practitioner staying fit and gaining confidence through the course of time.

Anulom-Vilom and Kapalbhati:

The …

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8 reasons why you need yoga in your life

Importance of yoga in your life

Yoga is the essence of a healthy lifestyle. The importance of yoga in contemporary lifestyle is just incredible. A modern day human doesn’t really need any motivation to understand about the fact. Still, if you want some sort of motivation or something like that to feel the necessity of yoga, the following points can be handy for you.

Yoga relieves stress, anxiety, and the whole mental issue:

Upon taking a close look, it can be evident that mental health is equally bigger a concern as of the physical health. In a competitive and materialistic life, people are getting growingly stressed …

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Yoga poses for better abs

There is a great passion among contemporary youth to flaunt the abs. They are ready to drain any amount of sweat for this stylish look, and if it possesses the health benefit also, they don’t mind. It has been seen that these youth spend huge bucks in gyms for developing the abs they desire.

Well, things can be achieved without spending the hard-earned money anywhere, at all. There is no better way than yoga for developing the abs. Given below are some of the fantastic yoga poses that can give you the sexiest abs.


This is one of …

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Why India is Best Place To Do 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Why India is Best Place To Do 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh

Giving yourself into 300 hours yoga teacher training in Rishikesh means you are preparing your body to achieve a good health and mind to gain your claim over the intense knowledge of all the yoga forms. To acquire and master all yoga poses you need to be admitted to the yoga teacher training in India where more precedence is given over the Indian traditional setup rather than the conventional approach.

As per your convenience and availability of time, you can either opt for 200 hours yoga teacher

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Yoga Nidra for Sleep Disorders

Yoga Nidra for Sleep Disorders

Insomnia or sleep disorder issues are not uncommon in present society. Unfortunately, youth below 35 are becoming the victims of such disorders. Indiscipline lifestyle, improper food habits, loads of work stress, anxiety, consumption of alcohol and drugs, etc, can be stated as the prime reasons that are affecting healthy sleep. Issues in nervous systems also sometimes bring insomniac issues among people. Insomniac issues are not just about failure sleep; it also includes the symptoms like frequent breaks of sleep, too early wake-up, incomplete sleep, etc. Anyway, yoga can be the most effective way of treating …

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Transform Your Life with yoga

Transform Your Life with yoga

Sooner or later, a human being comes to know that life is not just about eat, sleep, earn, and die. There also comes an instance when a man realizes that a healthy body and tranquil mind is much more precious than any materialistic property, no matter how expensive it is. And, this maturity gets deeper as deep you get with yoga. Yoga makes the human life complete. At the same time ensuring a healthy body, it is incredible for a healthy mind as well. In fact, it has become essential for contemporary people to adore …

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Best Yoga Asanas to Cure Asthma

Best Yoga Asanas to Cure Asthma

There is every possibility for a modern day human to suffer from asthma, considering the growing pollution threats. Such threats are higher for people who travel a lot. People who have to come across with dust, dirt, pollution, etc while doing their on-site duties for construction or similar projects also hold maximum threats for asthma or similar diseases.

Well, fret not if you are already a victim of asthma or looking for the ways to avoid asthmatic diseases. Given below are some of the fantastic yoga poses that can keep you safe from asthma …

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How Yoga can help you Get Pregnant – Yoga School in rishikesh

Yoga Can help you Get Pregnant

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga is popular today as its effects are evident towards weight loss and other similar physical aspects. It’s a good sign that people are more health conscious these days or want to be in shape. However, it is equally important as well to know about other significant benefits of yoga, apart from just weight loss.

Pregnancy is one such great advantage that yoga can deliver to you. There are thousands in the world to be benefitted through yoga regarding infertility. Not just it helps fertility, but also makes pregnancy days easier for women.


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yoga ttc in Rishikesh – Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh

Rishikesh: The Capital of Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Yoga is a trending term around the globe. However, the picture of India comes spontaneously in mind whenever someone talks about Yoga. To be specific, Rishikesh witnesses a huge number of tourists from around the globe having enthusiasm about the Yoga.


Divine Rishikesh:

Number of yoga passionate travel India to pursue yoga ttc in Rishikesh. Yoga or yoga training experience in Rishikesh is indeed explicit in comparison with any other part of the globe. Rishikesh itself is a divine place with the absolutely blissful environment. There are a huge number …

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